Monday, 18 March 2013

Digging up the dirt in Room 3

Today was the first day of digging and eww yuck what a smelly job that was.
We were interested to see what had happened and think about why.
We found some interesting things out as you can see below.



Look at this fungi

Its on the english muffin



EWWWWW maggots

Where has the pineapple
skins gone??????
The pineapple skins have decomposed, decompose means to rot through a chemical or bacterial reaction that breaks it down to fall apart in the earth.

What is Methane?
Methane is an odourless colourless gas that harms the earth. Farmers are getting taxed when their cows fart because they are releasing methane. They release about 70 gallons of methane A DAY!

What is compost?
Compost is soil leaves and other materials that have decomposed. Composting is easy to do and is good for your plants. It also prevents many foodscraps from being landfilled.


  1. That's very interesting Room 3! Can anyone tell me why some of the things didn't decompose at all? What happens to those items when we throw them out? How does that impact on the earth? I can see some great learning :)
    Miss Williams

  2. Great learning Room 3.
    Can anyone tell me what leachate is and how this connects with your learning?

  3. Very disgusting landfills! It was all about the experiment with decomposing. We had loads of fun. Our topic was all about the environment and our footprints. Let's make sure we have more fun.