Thursday, 21 March 2013

Camp disaster letters

We wrote disaster letters related to our experiences at camp. We had to make them our parent’s worst nightmare using the power of suggestion and not stating facts. We also had to show the positive side in everything. See if your child had a disaster at camp in this letter.

100% the truth as far as we recall

My Amazing time at camp.
Dear Mum,
I’m having an awesome time here at Typhoid Lodge. Mr Mac is making us write to you in case you read about the tornado in the newspaper and were worried. Only two sheep, our dinner, Williams’s suitcase and the dorm roof went missing. Apart from a few wet nights, I’m having a great time.
Our first activity was survival. It took ages to get Davin out of the long drop. After that we put up tents. Harry’s eye had a battle with a pole and the pole won. During the mud run I got a mouthful of mud but luckily Mike pulled me out before I completely ran out of oxygen. Making camp fires was fun. Caleb’s tent now has a third door, unfortunately he cannot close it. To add to that Cory is going to look pretty weird till his hair grows back.
Kayaking was great fun. In a race three of Connie’s teeth came out and now she is SIX DOLLARS RICHER!  She isn’t smiling as much as she normal does though. The teacher was awesome she didn’t mind that the life jackets were eaten by a bear. There was a log blocking our way. Trent and his kayak made a great battering ram. To make things even cooler Trent can now do a triple back flip dive! The best bit was seeing how a tourniquet works all in a space of five minutes.
I loved the climbing wall it was awesome. Even though the teacher got dehydrated and was back at the lodge we think we got the harness right, can you Google if it’s meant to go round your arms for me so I can tell the next group. Oh and Kyla thinks crutches are better than wheel chairs.
Archery was great. I caught my dinner! I was wondering if you think I have allergies to possum meat? We got to make a human stretcher and we know it works as we carried Deen up to the ambulance on it.
Horse riding was awesome the teacher agreed that the puke green helmets didn’t match our clothes so we didn’t have to wear them. We only jumped two fences and only Tor got an egg on his head.
We didn’t do the rest of the games as we were looking for Jackshen. I got to ride in a rescue jeep it was awesome. When the driver fell out it was even more fun. Did you know petrol is extremely flammable, on the bright side we wouldn’t have found Jackshen if it wasn’t for the fire. Mr Mac got mad at Jackshen but to be fair to Jackshen he had told Mr Mac during the tornado that he was going hiking. Mr Mac didn’t hear him.
Typhoid lodge is awesome don’t worry about me I should be back Thursday if Jake fixes the bus. It’s not his fault Tor crashed it.
P.S. how long has it been since I had my last tetanus injection.

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  1. Nice letter, lauren! I can't wait to see the face of your mum when she reads this.....if she actually believes in it!