Monday, 18 March 2013

Year 6 Camp

Room 3 spent an exciting 4 days at  Year 6 camp at Lakewood Lodge.


You go out into the bush for a day and night, cook over a camp fire,  sleep in tents, run through mud, orienteer our way around, challenge our strength and endurance and work together as a team.  To finish a long day we then went eeling and roasted marshmallows after a few scary stories around the campfire;

Sitting in the camp fire are. The last person
there does 10 push ups!

Playing 'Plug It'. Plug the hole to float
the ping pong balls to the top

Mud run , through the mud, over under and through the obstacles to get the puzzle piece,
solve the puzzle- first to win the challenge!

Emma taught us how to kayak at one point we had to make a line and walk or run across the boats Mrs Millar was the only parent to do this part.

Paddle left to go right and right to go left
Everyone get ready to race


Climbing wall

The climbing wall was great Harry got to the top of the 11 metre wall the fastest,  he did it in 31 seconds this was the fastest of all the year 6 classes.

Climb climb climb




William W got the overall highest score at camp 61!

“ Mrs. Knofflock said we needed to bring green
tights and a green shirt later she said she was
 bluffing but I got a packet of lollies  anyway.

Aim target FIRE

Horse riding

There were tonnes of horse games like weaving between poles, relays, collecting flags, spelling Lakewood and more.
And lead a horse
We got to ride

Flying fox

Mrs. Knofflock got stuck in the middle of the lake on the flying fox Blake was the main culprit of this “accident”


  1. Melodie - Kyla's Mum18 March 2013 at 21:56

    Go Kyla horseriding!
    Love your style on the flying fox Mrs. Knofflock!

  2. Wow it looks amazing!

  3. Woohoo! Camp was awesome! I wish we could go again! I enjoyed the flying fox and the climbing wall etc. the most. Remember to catch the white rope at the end of the flying fox next time Mrs Knofflock!:):):)