Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mr Glumpsneeze

One night I was reading my brother bedtime stories, he chose 3 books by Dr  Seuss. Sam I am, Fox In Soxs and Doctor Seuss’ ABC.  I felt like writing a book.  I felt like a chapter book was too long and I would never finish it. So I decided to write a picture book without the pictures. It ended up sounding a lot like Dr. Seuss because I had lines like  “Will you eat it in a house will you eat it with a mouse” and “I’m a zizzer zazzer zuzz as you can plainly see” and lots of ridiculous names like Mr. Knox and wily waterloo. Here is my story.
Mr Glumpsneeze
When Mr. Glumpsneeze moved in next door
Nothing was the same as it was before
He decided to speak to the government one day
And you will never guess what he did say
Ice-cream should be a vegetable eaten with every meal
Cause Ice-cream being a dessert is really unreal
Soon money grew on trees and there were chocolate making bees
All because of Mr. Glumpsneeze
Children made the rules and there were no such thing as schools
But things really got bad the day he made all grownups go away
Nobody had money and I started to miss my mummy
But worst of all there were no people working in the ice-cream factory
We kids couldn’t make it
Not a tiny bit
I decided that’s enough Mr. Glumpsneeze had to be stopped
I marched to his house
And said bring our parents back or else
You must leave Mr. Glumpsneeze and take your money growing trees and your chocolate making bees
We don’t like your new rules we miss the adults and ice-cream being a VEGTABLE is really unreal
So he packed up his bags and his pet eel and he left the house for real
I imaged life would be the same as it was before
Until Mr. Gobblebrush moved in next door

By Lauren

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  1. That story was so cool and definately sounded like dr.seuss! You should be an author one day!