Thursday, 18 April 2013

Scary Stories on Garageband

Following on from writing our scary stories (which are published on this blog), we used Garageband to record reading our scary stories and composed music to create a scary atmosphere to enhance our stories. We hope you enjoy them.

Deen and Harry Laura and Tapaswi Annie and Celina William and Connie Meadow and Isabella Jamie and Janet Blake and Caleb Lauren and Kyla William M and Cory


  1. Those story really are getting me scared!It was a really good idea to record onto garageband so we can add sound effects. Its makes it a lot more effective. Every one's garageband was amazing!:):):)

  2. Cool guys, okay lets be honest here, I was a little scared on one of the scary story in the beginning with the sound affects. An I love how you lovely people used so many descriptive language.Keep up the good work!

    P.S:I don't think I can sleep tonight!!!

  3. I think this idea was very creative and good because garageband can make very good sound effects. :D